Life Members

Life members are elected annually by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Life members have a least 10 years membership with the MDFRA and have provided outstanding service to the MDFRA through their contribution by refereeing, coaching and assisting in the management of the branch.

The table below includes current Life Members and their year of election to life membership.

1990Barry Risson
1991Keven Dowling
1992Kevin Warren
1994George Williams
1996Allan Parsons
1997Leslie Foster
1998Paul Neaves
2001Ray Keast
2004Dennis Lambros
2010Boyd McGregor
2011Frank Jenkins
2013Adam Weir
2014Jason Robbins
2015Mario Cerruto
2016Jim Bakritzidis
2017Derek Meechan
2018Stephen Rainey
2019Stephen Whicker