Temporary dismissal (sin bin)

Temporary dismissals apply in all Macarthur Football Association Competitions with the aim of reducing dissent from players toward match officials.

The Temporary Dismissal period is five (5) minutes for all junior matches (excluding SSG) up to and including U16.  

The Temporary Dismissal period for all other competitions, including M-League, is ten (10) minutes. 

All cautions for dissent (Y2) must be accompanied with a temporary dismissal.



  • Only cautions to players for dissent to a match official (Y2) are punished by a temporary dismissal. 
  • A player who is cautioned for dissent receives a yellow card and is punished with a temporary dismissal. 
  • A player who receives a second caution (YC) will receive a red card for receiving two cautions in the same match. That player takes no further part in the match and cannot be replaced as per regular rules. 
  • A caution punished by temporary dismissal is marked on the match card as a Y2 caution. 
  • The temporary dismissal area is the team’s technical area.
  • Once the temporary dismissal period has been completed, the player can return from the touchline with the referee’s permission, which can be given while the ball is in play.
  • The referee has the final decision as to when the player can return  



A temporarily dismissed player can not be substituted until the end of the temporary dismissal period (but not if the team has used all its permitted substitutes)  

If a temporary dismissal period has not been completed at the end of the first half (or the end of the second half when extra time is to be played) the remaining part of the temporary dismissal period is served from the start of the second half (start of extra time)  

A player who is still serving a temporary dismissal at the end of the match is permitted to take part in kicks from the penalty mark (penalties)  


Offences before/during/after a temporary dismissal:

A temporarily dismissed player who commits a cautionable (YC) or sending-off (RC) offence during their temporary dismissal period will take no further part in the match and may not be replaced or substituted.