Temporary Dismissals – the Sin Bin


  • Temporary dismissals (sin bin) apply to all competitions in Macarthur except SSG.
  • If a player is cautioned (yellow card) for dissent they must serve a temporary dismissal in the technical area (5 mins for age groups up to and including U16, 10 mins for all other matches).
  • If a player receives a second caution (yellow card) for any offence, they are sent off (red card) and cannot be replaced.

The Details

The Macarthur Football Association in association with the MDFRA implemented modified Temporary Dismissals in the 2018 season for junior matches and in the 2019 season for senior matches. Temporary dismissals will continue to be applied in MFA competitions in the 2020 season as in force during the 2019 season.

Temporary dismissals will apply to all MFA Competitions including M-League.
The Temporary dismissal period will be five (5) minutes for all junior matches (excluding SSG) up to and including U16.
The Temporary Dismissal Period for all other competitions including M-League will be ten (10) minutes.

The Temporary Dismissals will be implemented as per the Guidelines for temporary dismissals (sin bins) as per the 2019-2020 Laws of the Game (LOTG) subject to the following (the applicable guidelines can be found at the bottom of this page).

  • Only cautions to players for dissent (YC) will be punished by a temporary dismissal.
  • A player who is cautioned for dissent receives a yellow card and is punished with a temporary dismissal.
  • A player who receives a second caution (YC) will receive a red card for receiving two cautions in the same match. That player takes no further part in the match and cannot be replaced.
  • A caution punished by temporary dismissal will be marked on the match card as a Y2 caution.
  • The temporary dismissal area will be the team’s technical area.

The Laws of the Game

Details from The IFAB on the guidlines for the implementation of temporary dismissals can be found at www.theifab.com/laws/chapter/20/section/14/

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