Some important notes for SSG Referees

Some important notes for SSG Referees

  1. Look professional – Shirt tucked in & socks pulled up. Don’t use a mobile phone as your time piece use a watch.

  2. Check field, if your game is first of the day, make sure goals are anchored to the ground.

  3. Don’t wait until kick off time to have the teams on the field. You have duties to be carried out & this takes a little time i.e. equipment check shin pads & NO jewellery etc, instructions to players, coin toss (the winner picks the direction to run & the other team kicks off.)

  4. At kick offs & other restarts when the whistle is blown opposing players can’t go for the ball until the ball is kicked. If they encroach have the kick retaken.

  5. Majority of free kicks in SSG are Indirect Free Kicks. (Correct procedure for IDFK – Raise one arm up blow whistle when ball kicked it must be played at by another player or goes out of play then lower your arm. If a goal is scored directly from the kick DO NOT AWARD A GOAL award a goal kick.)

  6. Throw ins (make sure both feet on the ground but not in the field of play unless on the sideline, ball behind head. If the throw in was not carried out correctly have it retaken & let the player know what they did wrong.)

  7. Injured players (stop play & have player attended to, if no foul committed restart with a drop ball where the ball was when you stopped play, if the ball was out of play restart with a throw in or goal kick or corner kick or kick off.)


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