PlayFootball Registration Guide

FFA has introduced a new registration system in 2019 called Play Football. It replaces My Football Club which you would have used to register in previous years.
You will need to create a Play Football Account if you don’t already have one. This account is different to your My Football Club account, but if you register for the account correctly, your previous registration history and information should carry over. Details for creating your account are below.

MDFRA Registrations

The MDFRA has an individual registration page through Play Football.

Step 1 – MDFRA Registration Page

Select Get Started on the MDFRA Registration Page. Ensure you have all your personal details ready including a profile photo and if you are over 18 years of age your paid WWC number.

PlayFootball MDFRA registration page

Step 2 – Sign in or create account

If you have registered as a referee or player since 2019, you can sign in with your MyFootball account and continue the registration.

If you last registered as a referee or player prior to 2019 or our new to Football, please select continue and create a MyFootball Account.

For those that have previously registered with MyFootballClub, ensure you use the same email address as you used for your My Football Club account when creating an account. This will ensure that your previous registration information and history is linked to your new account.

PlayFootball confirm account details page

Step 3 – Select Registrant

Once you have created an account, you will need to select if you are registering for yourself or another person.

This screen allows you to link accounts and register on behalf of another person including children, parents and spouses.

PlayFootball select registering person page

Step 4 – Registration Package

The next step is to select your Registration Package.

Depending on your age, some packages may not be available.

If you are an SSG and Level 4 Referee, only select Junior Referee (for those under 18) or Senior Referee (for those 18 and over).

PlayFootball confirm account details page

Step 5 – Discounts/Optional Products

The next page will confirm your registration package and provide a breakdown of your registration fee.

Further down the page is a section titled Optional Products. It is in this section that you select any discounts that apply for you as well as purchase any uniform packages if you are a new referee or want a new kit.

After selecting any applicable discounts, ensure you update the shopping cart before continuing. This should update your cart and show the updated Registration Fee.

PlayFootball select discount/product page

Step 6 – Participant Details

You need to ensure that all of your details are correct on this page and fill out any missing fields. Some of the information should be prefilled from your My Football Club Account.

There are some additional questions at the end of the page which you will also need to answer.

PlayFootball participants details page

Step 7 – Profile Photo

You will need to upload a current profile photo.

PlayFootball insert profile photo page

Step 8 – WWC (18 years & over only)

If you are over 18, you will be prompted to enter your Working With Children Accreditation details.

In compliance with the Football NSW directive and policy, this must be a paid or employee number and not a volunteer number.

PlayFootball WWCC details page

Step 9 – Review Order

You will be taken to a page confirming all of your order details.

At the bottom of the page, you will have to check the box to indicate you have read and agreed with the Terms & Conditions of registration.

PlayFootball reveiw order page

Step 10 – Payment

The final step is payment.

Active Kids Voucher

If you are claiming an Active Kids NSW voucher, please enter the voucher details. If you enter a valid voucher, the system will automatically reduce your outstanding balance.

The preferred method of payment is to Pay Online by Visa or Mastercard so that your membership can be approved sooner.

Alternatively, you can select ‘Submit and Pay Later’ and will need to organise payment by EFT or cash which may lead to delays in your registration being finalised and approved.

PlayFootball payment page

Further Information

Further information can be found at the Play Football Support website at https://support.playfootball.com.au/support/home

Play Football Support can also be contacted at:

If you have any further queries, you can contact our Registrar at registrar@mdfra.com.au